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The Week's Earnings Calendar with Expected Moves
3 min read

The Week's Earnings Calendar with Expected Moves

The Week's Earnings Calendar with Expected Moves

  • Checking in on the expected moves before a busy week of earnings events. Expected moves range from just 3% in JNJ to 7% in WFC and 8% in NFLX.

The Set-up

This is an interesting week considering the last go around on earnings for most of these stocks was in the midst of the Covid sell-off, where most expected moves were off the charts but earnings themselves were not the catalyst, it was overall market volatility. This time around, expectations for more specific details on how each company has fared during the past 3 months means the events themselves will be more important. But these earnings announcements are happening in a sub 30 VIX environment and markets near all time highs. A lot has changed.

Using OptionsAI technology we see the options chain as a chart of expectations and probability and get an immediate understanding of how traders are pricing the event itself in relation to its historical chart. Below are 3 month expected move charts with this Friday's (7/17) bullish and bearish consensus highlighted.

If you see anything missing hit us on Twitter, Reddit, or Stocktwits and we'll try to add it. If you want to see how to use the expected move in trade creation, and strike selection no matter your trade type, check out these two posts:

Here's this Weeks Calendar. We'll check back on some of these stocks before they report and look at ways to play:


JPM - Tues 6:55am

DAL - Tues 7:00am

WFC - Tues 7:55am

C - Tues 8:00am


UNH - Wed 5:55am

PNC - Wed 6:40am

GS - Wed 7:20am

ASML - Wed - bmo

INFY - Wed - bmo


JNJ - Thurs 6:30am

MS - Thurs 7:30am

BAC - Thurs 6:45am

ABT - Thurs 7:30am

DPZ - Thurs 7:30am

SCHW - Thurs 8:45am

TSM - Thurs - bmo

NFLX - Thurs 4:00pm


BLK - Fri 6:30am

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